Hoffee Carbon Fiber Cases

Additional Build Options

Beautiful carbon fiber finishes and the signature Hoffee style will be sure to make heads turn. To upgrade and customize your Hoffee Case even further, choose from these options:

Thinsulate brand insulation

From $80 - $140

Thinsulate brand insulation to mitigate the effects of extreme temperature conditions. Thinsulate is installed in the case under the foam and fabric, so you won’t see it. But you’ll know it’s there when you open the case and pick up your instrument on a blistering or freezing day. Thinsulate is made in the US by the 3M Corporation.

Note: Price varies per case type

Insulated cloth covers

From $200 - $300

Insulated professional-grade cloth covers to protect the case from surface wear, and supply an added layer of temperature control. Our premium covers are made to exactly fit Hoffee Cases.

Note: Price varies per case type

Padded carrying straps

From $30

Comfortable, high quality padded carrying straps in shoulder (single strap) and backpack (double strap) configurations. Straps clip on and off D-rings securely mounted to the case, and are made for us right here in the USA by Neotech.

Twist Latches


Twist latches for those who prefer an alternative to locking draw latches. A padlock hasp at the center position allows the user to install a lock of your choice, including a TSA lock.

Standard and twist latches shown