Price          $800

                     Shipping $40-$50 for US

              Contact us for international shipping rates.

Violin Cases

Our violin cases fit most standard violins and can be custom fitted if needed.

Each Hoffee Case features a composite shell built of genuine carbon fiber - not a fake printed look-alike. Shells are arched on the top and bottom for even more strength.

The finish is clear showing the black carbon fiber or tinted in your choice of colors:  silver-gray, deep-red, blue, forest-green, purple, or opaque white. Case top and bottom join at a tight fitting, tongue-and-groove, water-resistant seal. Comfortable leather handle is located for optimal carrying balance. Durable hardware includes three strut hinges that eliminate the need for a lid strap, and two secure locking draw latches. Weight approximately eight pounds.

Fitted interiors, crafted of premium fabric, feature a generous storage compartment and four bow holders. A pad located above the neck area eliminates the need for a neck strap.
Interior colors are black, green, red, blue or gold.

To upgrade and customize your Hoffee Case even further, choose from these options:

Thinsulate brand insulation to mitigate the effects of extreme temperature conditions. Thinsulate is installed in the case under the foam and fabric, so you won't see it. But you'll know it's there when you open the case and pick up your instrument on a blistering or freezing day. Thinsulate is made in the US by the 3M Corporation.
Price $60

Insulated professional-grade cloth covers to protect the case from surface wear, and supply an added layer of temperature control. Colorado Case Co. makes our premium covers in the USA to exactly fit Hoffee Cases.
Price $180

Comfortable, high quality padded carrying straps in shoulder (single strap) and backpack (double strap) configurations. Straps clip on and off D-rings securely mounted to the case, and are made for us right here in the USA by Neotech.
Shoulder strap $30
Backpack straps $50

GPS locating system allowing users to track a valued instrument in the event it's stolen or misplaced. (LINK to PDF info sheet)
Price $200 plus $49 annual monitoring fee.

RF microchip bearing an ID number, allowing law enforcement to contact the owner when a missing case is recovered.
​Price $25