Do I need to fill out and submit a measurement form and body tracing in order for Hoffee Cases to custom fit my instrument?

We have an extensive library of specifications for hundreds of instruments. We do have specs for most common models. Contact us to find out if you'll need to supply measurements and a tracing. If so, please use our measurement form.

​How long will it take for me to get my case?

It typically takes about a month from the time you order a Hoffee Case until you receive it. This time can vary depending on the type of case ordered and on how many other orders are pending. Contact us if you need a more precise delivery date.

How will I get my case?

We ship most of our domestic orders via Fed-Ex. International orders typically are shipped via post.

Do you offer a warranty?

Hoffee Cases stands behind our products. Our warranty is simple - free repairs for life. You cover the round trip shipping.  For more details click here.

Do you offer artist discounts?

Most of our customers are artists. We simply cannot offer discounts to all our customers.

What's the best exterior color choice for touring in hot and sunny locales?

Opaque white is the best exterior color for reducing solar heat gain. Our optional Thinsulate brand insulation offers further heat protection. 

Do you ever sell cases with cosmetic flaws?

​Yes. We sometimes have cases that have cosmetic flaws that are sold at a discount. We never sell cases with any structural flaws so these cases will have a full warranty. Contact us for details and availability.